18 maggio 2006

La serieta' al governo

The more I look at this governement the more I believe Italy has finally got serieta' al governo.
25 ministers instead of 24. When at the opposition, they were scandalised by the number of our ministers. Now they add one more.
La serieta' al governo.
Old ministries are split to ensure a "poltrona" to all.
La serieta' al governo.
During the campaign Prodi promised that 1/3 of his ministry would go to women. There are 6 women ministers. But 5 out of 6 are without portfolio.....
La serieta' al governo.
As he told Italians during his campaign, the parlamentarians that would become part of the governement would have to give up their seats in parliament (and so loose their indemnity). Apparently now they want to pass a law that would raise the salaries of the undersecretaries who abandon their post of parlamentarian or senator.
la serietà al governo.
During his campaign Prodi had promised more happiness for all. Today he declares: Maybe someone is not happy, but happiness is not of this world.
La serieta' al governo.

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