07 settembre 2006

A meeting of tyrants

The summit of Non-Aligned countries will take place in Havana on the 11th of September 2006. The Iranian president said he would participate on his way to the UN General Assembly later this month.
Immagine: Ahmadinejad alongside Chavez and Castro. The meeting of tyrants.
It is also frightening especially for Latin America. An Iranian connection would introduces a new element of instability in that continent. If it has not already.
Chavez is a known supporter of Ahmadinejad and vice versa.
Venezuela was the only country that voted no against a resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency condemning Iran for its many failures and breaches of obligations to comply with treaties commitments. Chavez has always made clear that it backs Iran's nuclear ambitions.
Iran on the other hand has signed contracts with Venezuela valued at more than $1 billion to build 10,000 residential units and a batch of manufacturing plants. According to the reports it includes the transfer of "technology" from Iran and the importation of Iranian "professionals" to support the efforts.
I can immagine what they mean by "professionals" and "technology"....
American and European intelligence agencies should make a greater effort to find out exactly what projects the Castro-Chavez-Ahmadinejad trio really has in mind.
I don't think it is for the good of the free world.

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