30 gennaio 2007

Sempre a proposito di Tochi Amara Iwuchukwu

Allego un articolo da un giornale nigeriano, il Vanguard.
Interessante perche' implicherebbe una terza persona, mai menzionata.
Si sa che Tochi era nigeriano e il secondo africano impiccato con lui, Malachy, non era sud africano perche' il governo sud africano ha negato che lo fosse .
Allora perche' l'articolo menziona l'intervento del Presidente Thabo Mbeki? C'era un terzo uomo implicato?
"Another African was hanged along with him. But, a South African, who was also sentenced to death by the Singaporeans along with Amara Tochi over drug related issues had his sentence reversed, following the intervention of President Thabo Mbeki who appealed to the authorities in Singapore to temper justice with mercy. For weeks, Amara Tochi stood trial over the drug matter after he was alleged to have been found with 727.3 grammes of heroin which was punishable by death under the Misuse of Drugs Act, 1973 of Singapore"

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