24 agosto 2007

Ristorante italiano in Arabia Saudita...

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Oriana ha detto...

Wafa Sultan:

L'Occidente sottovaluta la PERVERSITA' dell'islam"

ref. Wafa Sultan: «L’occident sous-estime la perversité de l’islam», 21 08 2007

"Vous combattez quelqu’un qui souhaite mourir.

Il vous faut comprendre cette mentalité et trouver le moyen d’y faire face.

La mission du musulman sur terre est de combattre pour l’islam, et de TUER ou d’être TUE'.

Le musulman n’est là que pour un court moment:

une fois qu’il a tué un KAFIR (un incroyant), il est prêt à rejoindre son dieu."

Oriana ha detto...

Woman accused of marrying 2 men

August, 2007

Riyadh - A Saudi court is trying a woman for allegedly marrying two men, an illegal act under the Islamic law enforced in the kingdom where a man is permitted several wives.

Sheikh Abdul Mohsen al-Abikan, a member of Saudi Arabia's advisory Shura council and a justice ministry official, said the unnamed woman should be STONED to death for adultery.

Under Saudi Arabia's strictly - enforced SHARIA law, men are allowed to have as many as 4 Wives, as long as they can support them and provide for them equally.

Local media reported in March that a 110-year-old Saudi man had taken a 2nd Wife, aged 30, because his first, 85-year-old, wife no longer satisfied his needs.


«J’ai deux amours» à la mode coranique

En Arabie Saoudite, une femme est actuellement jugée pour avoir épousé 2 hommes, un acte illégal aux yeux de la loi islamique

(un homme à le droit d’épouser jusqu’à 4 femmes).

Un membre du conseil de la charia a déclaré qu’elle devait être lapidée à mort.

Une bien belle "religion"…

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Miriam diventa Khaled

Ragazza Saudita cambia sesso ... per poter prendere la patente !



A 19-year-old Saudi Arabian woman, Myriam, has undergone a successful sex-change operation in Jeddah and now, with her new name of Khaled, aspires for just one thing:

a driving licence.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are BANNED from driving, added Okaz daily.

"The first idea that came to my mind a few hours before the operation, was to have a driving licence," Myriam/Khaled told the newspaper, adding she was ENCOURAGED by her family to have the operation.

Sex change operations are rare in ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia.

"I entered (the hospital) with the abaya (traditional women's garment) and I came out with thub, ghotra and ogal, the white tunic and hat worn by men," Myriam/Khaled said.


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non so se ridere o piangere poverine