02 luglio 2009

Lo sguardo....

Tue Jun 30 2009 07:43:56 ET
As the summer begins, White House watchers have spotted a new look by President Obama: The Evil Eye!
Staffers have joked about the menacing glance, which comes when the president meets with world leaders who are not aligned with his progressive view.
White House photographers have captured the "evil eye" in recent weeks, during sessions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Colombia's Alvaro Uribev.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi got hit with the commander's malocchio last week in the Oval office.
And at least one White House reporter has been on the receiving end of the daggers during a press conference.
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caposkaw ha detto...

lo sguardo der trucido o lo sguardo del pistola?
atroce dilemma!