20 dicembre 2011

Europe Is Now Officially Bazooko's Circus - Italy To Provide €23.5 Billion In IMF Cash To Bailout Italy

The EU was already embarrassed into releasing a press release that it could procure €150 billion in Eurozone contributions to the IMF rescue, now that the UK is out of the picture and the December 9 Eurosummit agreed upon total of €200 billion including non-Eurozone contributors (mostly the UK with €30.9 billion) has been "adjusted." Now we find that the rabbit hole goes even deeper into Bazooko's Circus because according to a just released update, of the remaining meager €150 billion in funding, Germany will be responsible for €41.5 bn, France at €31.4 billion, and Italy will need to provide €23.5 billion and Spain another €15 billion. To, you know, bailout Italy and Spain.

Cioe' l'Italia presta 23.5 miliardi di Euro al Fondo Monetario Iternazionale per... essere salvata da questa...
E poi ci dicevano che Tremonti faceva finanza creativa...
Un circo.

(via ZeroHedge)

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