30 marzo 2012

Sex toys? I tedeschi al primo posto della classifica mondiale.

Germans top the unofficial kinky league table, a new survey on between-the-sheets behaviour revealed Tuesday. It demonstrated that nearly half of Germans like "tools and gadgets"
By contrast, one in three Chinese people said lingerie that lights up does it for them every time.
Before they get the tools and gadgets out, Germans are not averse to a bit of mood-setting – 40 percent said they liked romantic music. But don't bother with your Beyoncé CDs if you want to seduce a German – only four percent like to bonk to R 'n' B.
What separates Germans from other countries, though, is the preference for keeping the lights on. As many as 53 percent of Germans like to see clearly what's going on, a figure topped only by the Spanish with 56 percent.
More illuminating than Germans' favourite underpants were the various answers to the question, "Why would you turn the light off when you are ready for fun?"
While the vast majority of people across the world answered either, "because it's sexier that way," or "I dare to do the naughty stuff," but some, including 19 percent of Germans, said, "I don't find myself that attractive."
The less charming responses "I don't find my partner that attractive" or "I prefer thinking about someone else" were given by five percent of brutally honest Germans.
The survey, carried out by Swedish tennis legend Björn Borg's underwear chain, surveyed over 1,700 18-30-year-olds in nine different countries across the globe.


A me piacerebbe sapere cosa ne pensa la signora che lavora 8 o 9 ore al giorno in quella fabbrica...

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