30 maggio 2012

Giorgio Deidda, il miglior cuoco dell'...Antartide!

Si chiama Giorgio Deidda, di Oristano, ed e' il cuoco piu' conosciuto dell'Antartide.

I am looking forward to the cooking that will be done by our overwinter Italian chef, Georgio. Concordia hails a reputation over all the other bases in Antarctica – being an Italian-French station – holds the BEST food of any Antarctic base. I would argue it has the best Chef as well (having sampled his cooking in Paris back in October). Georgio has worked all over the world – including the UK – and is overwintering for the third time. He is well known even to the Twin Otter pilots who fly across Antarctica and instead of stopping into nearby ‘Vostok’ a bland Russian station some 800km away, use Concordia as a Cordon Bleu service station.
‘Concordia: the last outpost Little Chef for some miles’… turn in now or starve to death.

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