05 aprile 2013

Violenza contro cristiani in Pakistan. Imam usano altoparlanti nelle moschee per aizzare la folla.

Per carita'. Non parliamone.

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN : - At least 18 people were   injured Wednesday, April 3, when angry Muslims attacked a dozen Christian shops and churches in Pakistan's city of Gujranwala, Christians told BosNewsLife.
Among the seriously injured people was one man who was earlier reported to have died, but he survived, investigators said.
The violence in the city's Francis Colony area followed Muslim anger about Easter Sunday prayers in local churches and a dispute among Muslim and Christian youngsters over loud music, BosNewsLife established.
Adding to tensions was a Muslim cleric who rebuked Christian boys for "disrespecting Islam" by playing music on their mobile phones near a mosque, residents said.
Tuesday's fighting between Muslim and Christian boys soon spiraled out of control with local imams reportedly using mosque loudspeakers to encourage violence against "Christian infidels."
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