10 settembre 2006

Koranic schools in europe.

I would like to thank Simone for this article.

I attach a film showing what happened to some journalists of Canal+ a french private television channel when they set up to investigate a Koranic school in northern France. How many more like these in Italy, in Spain, in Germany? And we are the one labeled intolerants?

On the subject of koranic schools: The british secret service MI5 is checking all Koranic schools in Britain, a country that is fast becoming al-Qaida's European headquarters "housing a secret army of thousands of well-trained guerrilla fighters ready to kill in the name of religion." as Peter Clarke, head of Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist squad recently put it.
The first reports are disturbing. There are at least 2000 "sleeping" terrorists cells ready for "martyrdom", a gigantic web of jihadists soldiers prepared to attack. All posess a manual supplied by Al-Qaida wich MI5 Director Eliza Manningham-Buller tells Home Secretary John Reid is "the most sophisticated terror manual ever found in this country."

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