07 ottobre 2006

E' pazzesco! Adesso pure Jack Straw dovra' scusarsi.

The recent comments of former foreign secretary Jack Straw have been, as usual, taken completely out of context.
And as usual, we see the muslim community taking advantage of the situation to once again denounce them as blasphemous, offensive bla bla bla bla bla
It's getting quite annoying.
Jack Straw said that when muslim women come inside his office, they should remove their headware so that he can have a good conversation.
"The veil is such a visible statement of separation and of difference as to jeopardize social harmony" he said.
As far as I am concerned, when I talk to people in my office, I like to see their facial expressions to ensure that my point is getting through.
The veil is a sign of separation and can affect the proper interaction and communication between two people.
Therefore Jack Straw has a right to ask them to remove their veil inside his office.

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