13 luglio 2007

Orgie a l'ambasciata venezuelana di Teheran

Interessante articolo apparso sul sito iraniano Baztab vicino agli ambienti dell'amministrazione della repubblica islamica e critico del governo di Ahmadinejad.
Secondo l'articolo, intitolato "Cosa succede nella seconda casa di Hugo Chavez", l'ambasciata venezuelana di Teheran organizzerebbe regolarmente festini ed orgie.
La traduzione in Inglese dell'articolo:
What is happening in Hugo Chavez’s “Second Home”?
While Iran has been called Hugo Chavez’s second home, and he attended the ceremonies for the Holy Defense [the war with Iraq, a very holy matter for the Islamic Republic], there are scandalous reports about what is going on in the Venezuelan embassy in Tehran.
As Baztab’s reporter has learned, after the Venezuelan mission in Tehran was changed, following a sexual scandal, a large group of Iranian girls, all below 25, were hired by the embassy. While they can do good work as translators and other diplomatic matters, they are used as ornaments for embassy’s parties, including night parties of the embassy crew.
In the parties held in this embassy, all of which include serving alcohol, Iranian girls take part with exposing outfits. The embassy crew also share the girls among themselves, through a specific way they have come up with. This is after the former Venezuelan ambassador to Tehran was expelled, after an affair with a married Iranian lady.
It is also mentioned that the new Venezuelan diplomats, most of whom have never been a diplomat, make fun of Islamic symbols. The first secretary of the embassy, who previously worked for HP, has never been a diplomat either.

Intanto il regime iraniano annuncia che ammazzera' a colpi di pietra altri 20 criminali per "adulterio" e "prostituzione".
Come al solito, due pesi due misure....

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