05 dicembre 2007

Napoli: Donald, Mickey, Daisy, Tweety to stand trial

Went over to New York to check my friend Giulia's blog.
And that's what I found.
An Italian court ordered the animated bird, along with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and his girlfriend Daisy, to testify in a counterfeiting case.
In what lawyers believe was a clerical error worthy of a Looney Tunes cartoon, a court in Naples sent a summons to the characters ordering them to appear Friday in a trial in the southern Italian city, officials said.
The court summons cites Titti, Paperino, Paperina, Topolino -- the Italian names for the characters -- as damaged parties in the criminal trial of a Chinese man accused of counterfeiting products of Disney and Warner Bros.
The whole story
Italian medias think it's funny... here and here
Instead I agree with Giulia. This is the type of news we Overseas Italians could do without.
Then you wonder why when you travel around the world and you say you are italian the first thing you hear is always: Italian? Pizza, mafia, Totti.."
Ma vaffa....
H/T: GiuliaNY

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GFP ha detto...

Ribadisco, specialmente quando finisce per 2 ore sulla home page di fox news e hai tanti amici che leggono fox news, gli stessi che cerchi di convincere ogni volta che vai fuori a cena che siamo molto diversi dallo stereotipo cialtronesco che ci portiamo dietro. ARGGGGHHHHH