16 aprile 2011

Italian leftist intellectual and politician calls for a coup d'etat in Italy

Alberto Asor Rosa, a prominent leftist intellectual and politician has publicly called for a coup d'etat in Italy to topple Silvio Berlusconi's governement.
In an article that has appeared on the left-wing newspaper Il Manifesto, Mr. Asor Rosa calls for a "state of emergency" to be implemented with the help of  state and military police, that parliament be suspended and power given to the magistracy in order to establish new electoral rules and so bring back Italy, with the help of the European Union, to it's "most profound democratic values".
Mr. Rosa, is not a senile nor demented old man, but a lucid and sincere left-wing politician, journalist and intellectual  and what he writes are the thoughts of the majority of left-wing politicians, journalists and "intellectuals" in Italy.
What is incredible is that he calls for a coup d'etat to topple a democratically elected government, and replace it with his own model of "democracy". A model where political opponents are toppled by force, where democratic elections do not count, where the rule emanates from a non elected authority or the magistracy, helped by the police.
The tragedy of the left-wing in Italy is that it simply cannot grasp nor understand the game (let alone the concept) of democracy, whereby the elected majority rule and try to stay in power and the opposition oppose  and try to get back to power.
What Mr. Asor Rosa is professing is that this can only be achieved through illegitimate or illegal means.
The  16th legislature of the Italian Republic started on 29th April 2008 and the opposition has better get used to Mr. Berlusconi leading it until the next general elections  in 2013.
By the way not a single English newspaper has so far reported this news.
Probably their correspondents in Italy find it to difficult to translate...
The entire article (in Italian) can be read HERE

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

the party/coalition was democratically elected but NOT their representatives and the current senators/house members! The Italian law on voting is not for voting directly the representatives that are currently sitting in parliament !!!

Il Mango ha detto...

And your point is...? So because of our electoral system (used by the way in many other countries and perfectly democratic) we should have a coup d'etat? I fail to see your logic.