22 dicembre 2011


Ho avuto l'occasione di conoscere Michael O'Leary in Irlanda.
Un grande vero imprenditore senza peli sulla lingua, che non lecca il culo a nessuno come alcuni dei nostri... e quello che dice non e' che la triste verita' di un Europa sempre piu' insignificante gestita da vecchi burocrati e politici senza idee e senza visione.
Well said Michael, could not agree more with your words!

If you look at the mess Europe is in, if you look at the mess that the European economy is in, there’s only one way out of it.
And it’s not going to be a summit of European politicians.
It’s certainly not going to be a conference held in Brussels, where the last innovative idea came in 1922, I think.
Innovation is going to be the way for the European economy to grow, to develop, to create new jobs and that’s why I think it’s so important we have four young people.
I’m kind of a little bit nervous that we’ve brought them to Brussels where I’m afraid that their innovative streak, or their spark of innovation, might be dulled by a long lunch, an afternoon sleep, followed by an early finish, and then they’d all become — God help us — politicians or bureaucrats in Brussels and therefore do nothing to add to the sum of human kind.
So I urge you as quickly as you possibly can: Get the hell out of Brussels.
Go back to your countries, and stay away from here as much as is humanly possible.
Because Brussels, those of you who know the Star Wars Trilogy, this is the evil empire. The Berlaymont is the Death Star, where any hint of innovation is left at the door as you walk in to meet with bureaucrats and politicians, who you can always tell when they’re telling lies because their lips are moving.

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