26 marzo 2007

Mastrogiacomo affair: The dirty dealings of Prodi's governement

Thank you to Il Moschettiere, "The Musketeer" for this.

The video below shows the liberation of the Italian journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo.
You can see a group of Afghans exiting a building; one of them with a thick black beard and a smile is seen approaching a westerner, who seems to be scratching or combing his hairs, and warmly shakes his hand. The westerner is Gino Strada, founder of the NGO Emergency and the one who negotiated on behalf of Mr. Prodi's governement the liberation of the Italian journalist.
Watch the video:

Now look at this photo

This is the man with a black beard seen shacking the hand of Strada. His name is Latifullah Hakimi, the voice of the taleban's regime, arrested in 2005 and sentenced to life in prison.
This evidence is extremely disturbing as it would confirm that Mr. Prodi's governement has absolutely no problems dealing with terrorists and murderers and also shows their close relationship.

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